The way to use the clan system or the way to make a clan IN Run

  • Kinda like the previously present guilds (Warriors, Ranged, Mining etc.), but you can create your own needs and OSRS gold your activities. Just clan members could go in. You can put whatever prerequisites, name, initials and cape color you prefer. After pressing"Accept" it stores the information to a database so it is formally your clan.

    The way to use the clan system or the way to make a clan IN RuneScape. To make a clan go and speak to Calladin. You can find him at the lobby of Clan Wars. Speak to him and choose the option,"I wish to make my own clan." He'll reply: Alright then. Tell me what will your clan be enjoy.

    It'll look like this: Form your desirable Clan title and initials, select your clans wilderness capes color, type the minimum and maximum combat requirements (in case you would like only a minimal requirement then in the maximal, compose"138") and press"Accept". You will need 5,000gp to create a clan. If you won't possess the 5,000gp in your stock the display will be shut and Calladin will inform you which you don't have enough cash.

    In the event that you had the cash then congratulations, you have made your own clan. You need 5,000gp because thats the charge for a clan guild. When you make a clan you automatically receive a clan guild which you can access from the Rimmington POH portal. Later you can move it to various places. If you want to change your own clans details, speak to Calladin again, however you will want 1,000gp. Now once you would like to invite someone into your clan, right click the individual and choose"Add to clan". One participant can just have one clan at buy RuneScape Mobile gold one time. Not two, not three no other amount compared to one.