I have only started up RuneScape again

  • So my armor now is just: Dragon med helm, Rune platebody, rune platelegs, boots of OSRS gold lightness, combat bracelet, dragon scimi/longsword and after that only my Lumbridge job ring 2 and Power Amulet. I lately got 70 def and asked one of my friends what they think is great for level 70 def, but they range and mage so I just wanted to ask here in order to make sure and to hear other people's comments.

    I looked in the prices and found out that if I purchase them for 1.6 million and charge them, I am only able to spend 1.8 million and save a few coins. He then said to buy Bandos Boots, but I appeared Dragon Boots and they have a greater strength bonus and cost significantly less. So I would be sporting: Torag's Helmet, Torag's Platelegs. I was wondering id that seemed fine, and if there were any other hints? Thank you.

    I have been camping a lot at metal dragons lately, searching for clue scrolls in addition to effigies and court summons (I'd say Vissy, but I don't want to jinx it). I've been meleeing mostly, with a little bit of mage once I get sufficient blood runes from drops. I don't have a whole lot of money (like 600k cashpile atm, thats why I'm at metal dragons). How can I improve my setup to be efficient/whatever. Stats: 93 att, 86 str, 80 def, 89 hp, 80 range, 87 mage, 71 pray, 62 summoning.

    Hey guys, I have only started up RS again and that I have a couple questions about things I have noticed. Ability capes, everybody appears to have one nowadays, why is this? Hardly anyone used to own them and today I'm seeing lots of them even on low level players. Not only the inexpensive ones such as cooking/firemaking also. It used to be an uncommon thing to see a player between 110-126, now all I see is red haha Is this because of the dungeoneering ability?

    Also before I quit, one of my favourite ways of getting cash fast was adamant pubs from avansies. Is this good money? Or is there better ways? Extra. Ive been searching around a lot and it seems summoning and dungeoneering are extremely important for high level searching, because I have only just begun again are there any tips on the best way to level these to 80-90 fast? And roughly how long it will take? Quests, which of the new ones will be helpful for me to perform straight away? access/content-wise. Eg RfD for the lender under lumby etc.. Thanks you guys who will answer my queries, I've been out of buy 2007 runescape gold the loop for so long now.