There is lots of bots for RuneScape

  • That is because the Void Knight was killed by pests, not since you died. And OSRS gold leaf - ty much for the urge about the deflector - and - I would start with 1000 points? I just played the conquest once - yeesh it had been too slow and I begged the man to kill everyone quickly so I could depart - lol. Everyone begins with 1k rating.

    It doesn't matter if you win or lose, you will still get commendations from playing Conquest. Staying in game longer gives you longer commendations. Also there's a"resign" button if you really wish to forfeit. I should examine the computer thing - and hope to get a 1250 evaluation to make that deflector so that I can stop that insect place and move on. You can not get Conquest rank from PC. As for SW? A nice mager freezes you as you exit - its a struggle to escape the gate.

    Then if I make it outside? The game lags and I stand still while everything flows - yes my connection is really slow - If you simply need the XP, go kill Pyrefiends or even Jellies rather than attempting to defend the soul altar, particularly you have low levels. Additionally, the Prot Mage prayer exists for a reason. I enjoy your remommends to acquire the deflector and use the three bits + the helm to find the boost. You need to put on a emptiness helm + 3 additional bits to get the set bonus in any way.

    Botting comes and goes in waves. There is lots of bots for a little while, and Jagex comes together and squashes them all like bugs. Denno just how Jagex does that. They're gone for a while, then come back. Then Jagex nukes them again for a while.

    Plenty of graphical upgrades. That would be great, but it's gradually taking more CPU power to play the sport. Lag is ever slowly getting worse in heavily"enhanced" places. You can hardly move in Edgeville if it is crowded because of the lag. Jagex must ramp down it a bit or they are gonna kill the game. Jagex should realize that one of the reasons RS is popular is because it doesn't demand a supercharged PC. Some fresh speaking quests. Its both cool and cheap RuneScape gold annoying at the exact same moment. Bleh.