Predictions for the FIFA 21 Ratings Refresh - Winter Upgrades a

  • With FIFA 21 Rating Refresh, which players are the best in the world and deserve to be given a winter upgrade. As for who will be demoted, that remains to be seen. Check out our FIFA 21 Rating Refresh Predictions, which include predictions for potential winter upgrades and downgrades, as well as the release date for the major winter rating update in FIFA Munten.

    Upgrading and downgrading in FIFA 21 during the winter season

    Whenever a new game version is released, the scores and stats of all players are updated based on their performance in the previous season, and as the new season progresses, it becomes clear that some players are undervalued compared to their peers. Consequently, following the winter transfer, EA will upgrade the ratings of the players who have had the best season to date, a process known as Winter Upgrades. Winter Downgrades are applied to players who have performed well in the past but have not played at the same level of ability or who for some reason do not participate in the actual game as much as they should. Furthermore, some players will receive improved skill statistics in FIFA Coins Kopen addition to rating upgrades or downgrades. For example, someone with a weak foot will have their skill statistics improved from 3-star to 5-star.

    Schedule for the release of the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Winter Upgrades
    On what date will the FIFA 21 winter upgrade and downgrade take place?

    Rating Refresh occurred in FIFA Ultimate Team after the transfer window closed in the previous FIFA version, and FIFA 20 winter upgrades will be available on Friday, February 14, 2020. The FIFA 21 rating refresh (winter upgrade) will be scheduled for Friday, February 12, 2021, if EA adheres to the rule as predicted.

    Normal and Special Card Ratings in FIFA 21 have been updated.

    How long will it take for your regular and special cards to be automatically upgraded once the rating refresh goes live?

    Card versions that are not originally gold, silver, or bronze will not be upgraded automatically, and any initial version of the card in the player's hand will also not be upgraded. While the original cards can no longer be purchased or sold, they can still be sold on transfer markets.

    Upgrades are available for the player card from the special edition. Special cards will be automatically promoted if the new rating of a player is FIFA 21 Coins for sale greater than or equal to the rating of the player's special version (weekly team, group stage team, and so forth).

    Suppose you currently own Harry Kane's 88-rated initial card and 89-rated Team of the Week in-form cards and he is upgraded to 89 points in the winter update. Your 88-rated Harry Kane will not be upgraded, but his 89-rated TOTW card will receive a +1 boost.

    What is the best way to obtain the new winter-ready cards?

    Starting with the winter upgrade in February, all new rated basic versions will be included in packs rather than the lower/higher rated original cards. And, of course, you can purchase these new cards from the transfer market using FIFA 21 coins as payment.