Path of Exile Expedition Beginner's Leveling Guide Tips and Tri

  • This Path of Exile (PoE) 3.15 Path of Exile Expedition League Beginner's Leveling Guide, Tips, and Tricks will be useful for both new and existing players who are trying to speed up their leveling in order to reach the endgame maps as quickly as possible.

    Configuring the User Interface
    First and foremost, let's talk about some Path of Exile Expedition-friendly interface options. Landscape transparency is extremely useful; if you place the map transparency to the right and the landscape transparency to the left on your mini-map, your map will be much easier to read. You will not be able to see any of the extraneous fluff as a result of this.
    By pressing the plus or minus button, you can also zoom in and out to get a better view of your map. There are a few other useful options, and I always display new sockets, life and mana numbers, as well as life bars on both allies and enemies. If you hold down the alt button, the Advanced Mode description will display the item prefixes and suffixes; this is extremely important because each item can have up to six affixes.
    The next command is to use the mouse button 1 to click move. This is important because it is very common to see a lot of new players with the default attack command set on their mouse button 1, which means they will accidentally talk to NPCs while trying to pass them, resulting in a quick death.

    Early Game Setup
    You should look at the vendor early because there are three important things to try and obtain in order to have a faster leveling experience in PoE Expedition:3 link items (any), movement buy path of exile currency items boots, and the creation of a mule if you require specific gemsVendors can begin selling movement speed boots as soon as you arrive in town after killing Hillock, and the items are reset every few zones, so keep an eye out for movement POE Curreny boots!
    It is critical to create a mule character because it allows you to obtain some of the early gems that you will undoubtedly require once you begin rushing through Path of Exile Expedition. For example, a witch would not start with decoy totem (which is extremely useful during the Brutus fight), but you can create a scion character and, once you get off the beach and kill Hillock, you will be able to obtain the gem by either picking it up as a quest reward or purchasing
    Logging out is a good strategy for the Expedition league start (and any other league start, for that matter), because it allows you to save up on portal scrolls, which can be extremely scarce once you begin speed leveling and will be spent very quickly. An example of a situation where logging out is a good strategy is the Quicksilver flask quest, Fairgraves quest, Crab quest, Spider in A2, Voll in A4, and any other similar situations where the zone entry is far from the boss.

    Quests The best time to get the Crab and Fairgraves skill points is when you're close to finishing A2 because you'll often already have a second Quicksilver flask at this point and you'll be moving a lot faster due to having a movement skill and a pair of movement buy poe item boots (which is a must at this point, at least 10%).

    A large number of PoE quests can be skipped, including Fetid Pool, Crypt, Library (which is useful if you need gems), A Swig of Hope, and others. Many of these skippable quests only provide minor rewards, such as a rare item (which is almost always trash) or respec points (which you shouldn't need while leveling). These quests take a long time to complete, so avoid them if you're trying to get to the maps as quickly as possible.

    Inventory Control & Administration
    Remember that you can very easily make a +1 to gem level wand, and the recipe for doing so is one alteration orb, one blue gem, and a ring of your choice, so for example, a sapphire ring would make it a +1 cold gem wand.
    A common mistake made by players is to stockpile far too much inventory early on, which makes inventory management a nightmare and consumes a significant amount of their time. Try not to pick up everything; if you absolutely must, then only pick up rare items (blue and white items are useless; you may want to sell them early in the league if you're running low on wisdom scrolls).
    Once you reach the endgame maps, Path of Exile becomes bloated with pointless white and blue items. Get an item filter; I personally use the Semi-Strict Neversink's loot filter, which I find to be excellent, and it is updated before every league start. You can use the Poe Blade website to further customize the loot filter, and you can even add custom sounds to it!
    The quickest way to manage your inventory is to sort things out while you're walking; don't go back to town unless absolutely necessary!