What useful feature introduced in the 1.10 Animal Crossing upda

  • Despite the fact that Animal Crossing New Horizons has been available for more than a year, we are still discovering new secrets and interesting details about the game. Following that, we'll take a look at 5 more secrets hidden within Free Animal Crossing Items that you might not have known about. We'll be visiting a variety of characters and observing a variety of interactions in order to discover any hidden secrets or small treats that may be hidden within the game. If you're looking for free ACNH items, akrpg. com is always a good option.

    1. A Misguided Awakening
    If you're walking along the beaches of your island, you're likely to come across a particular seagull that has washed up on the shore. His one of the most amusing characters in the game, but if you have a little more contempt for him and he's not waking up when you go to talk to him, he'll be even more amusing. There is actually another way to go about dealing with this. If you hit Gulliver in the head with your net, it will start the dialogue that will lead to him speaking with you. Even if it doesn't work every time, if you don't want to talk to Gulliver and just want to smack him in the face with a net, you can try this method. It'll work in exactly the same way, and it'll essentially cause him to awaken eventually. There are worse ways for Gulliver to wake up, but if you don't like this character very much, this might be the method for you to use to get him back on his feet.

    2. Dream Feature That Isn't Quite There
    This is a really cool and useful feature that was actually introduced in the 1.10 Animal Crossing update, but Nintendo didn't really make a big deal about it for some reason. What it will do is allow you to quickly exit a dream island when you're on it by pressing the minus button. This may appear to be a simple thing, but it makes leaving dream island a whole lot easier. As was the case previously, you had to visit the bed and then return to the plaza in order to exit, and this was the case in Animal Crossing: New Leaf as well. Surprisingly, they've actually updated the dream suite feature with some pretty cool changes to the overall quality of life. This will also allow players to visit dream islands at random, eliminating the need for an nook miles tickets for sale. Perhaps we will see even more enhancements to this feature in the future.

    3. The Great Escape
    If you go to the museum's bug exhibit, you might notice that the ants are actually escaping from their small enclosure. Many players despise the idea of ants getting out and literally crawling everywhere, which is exactly what is happening in Blathers' museum. It's best not to tell Blathers about what's going on because he'll freak out.

    4. The Blathers Bug's Reaction
    Blathers' reaction is probably one of the cutest interactions in Animal Crossing New Horizons, but it's also one of the most sadistic. You're probably aware that Blathers is adamantly opposed to bugs. He is terrified of them, despite the fact that he has accepted many bug donations in his time. He hasn't gotten over his fear of them yet, and it shows when you show off ACNH critters, especially bugs, right next to him. He will begin to have a mini meltdown.

    5. Chrissy and Francine's Photographs
    As you may be aware, Chrissy and Francine are sisters and two bunny characters who are strikingly similar in their design aesthetics. They also have a great deal of affection for one another and tend to celebrate each other as much as they are able. This is demonstrated by the fact that both Chrissy and Francine have photographs of each other in their respective homes.