How Does the Reed Diffuser Release the Fragrance?

  • The reed diffuser can slowly evaporate the aromatic liquid. This process gradually fills the room with any smell contained in the liquid. The liquid in the diffuser usually consists of essential oils in an inert matrix, usually water. This liquid is usually packaged in a small glass or ceramic container, and then a bundle of reeds is put into the liquid. The reed will emit a light smell throughout the room.

    The reed diffuser uses a wicking process to diffuse the scent of essential oils. The core pulling process is crucial to the operation of the perfume diffuser. The wick will slowly suck up the liquid under the action of gravity. This is achieved through force interaction at the molecular level. Plants naturally use this method to pump water to the leaves and branches.

    There are many ways to spread the aroma of essential oils into the room. Many plant materials retain the cellular structure needed for the wick even after they no longer survive and grow. Most wood can absorb moisture from grains. Reeds are fibrous and woody. The diffuser uses this function to slowly absorb the liquid by using the reed and soak it dry to make it dry, so that the liquid gradually evaporates through the holes in the reed, thus making the work easier. There are many styles to choose from.

    If more reeds are used or the depth of the reeds is greater, it is easy to control the amount of aroma released by the aroma diffuser and immerse in the liquid, which will diffuse more liquid and produce a stronger odor. If you need a more subtle smell, you can reduce the number of reeds or reduce the content of aromatic liquids. This is the key advantage of the aroma diffuser because the diffusion process is very gentle.

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