Live analysis on the road of exile

  • Grinding Gear Games recently launched a direct promotion campaign with the theme of Path of Exile 2. The activity is divided into multiple parts. Start with the Trailer of Exile 2 first. Then there will be extended functions about the new update. In addition, it also contains an explanation of the ultimatum.

    Chris Wilson, the founder of Grinding Gear Games, officially started the live broadcast by answering various questions. The answer includes skill gems. This is a key concern for many players. Players with limited time and energy can go to and choose Buy POE Currency. In this way, advanced equipment can be obtained quickly. It is also one of the players' favorite ways.

    Chris Wilson also clearly explained the development progress of Path of Exile 2 this time. This allows players to wait for the new version of the update to come with peace of mind.

    The trailer shows several new game clips and locations in Path of Exile. The most prominent is the second main location in Path of Exile 2, second only to Ogham Island, and debuted at ExileCon 2019.

    There will be several different areas in the Vastiri desert area, as well as a large new caravan that can guide the player between the different areas selected by the player.

    After the Road of Exile 2 game show. Wilson said that all current leagues are prerequisite preparations for the arrival of Path of Exile 2. After the player passes the trial, the player can get rewards of the same level.

    The ultimatum test also applies to multiplayer games, which is a good touch. But if the player is killed during the game, according to the rules of the game, the player will lose the eligibility to receive rewards. So before the official start of the war, players can go to and choose Buy POE Currency for pre-war preparations. In the ultimatum, players can conduct trials together, one can quit with a reward, and the other can rely on luck.