Path of Exile ushered in an explosive challenge to the league

  • Path Of Exile developers has just launched a new expansion pack. The expansion pack brings a lot of game updates, adjustments, and new challenge alliances. At present, the maintenance of the scheduled release date of the POE has ended. So players can now join the queue freely and unlock new content.

    Path of Exile is an explosive game. Challenge players to the expedition and kill all enemies. Defeating the enemy is what the player has to do. Players can also choose POE Currency Buy from the secure three-party platform In the Expedition Challenge League, you will meet a group of Kalguuran merchants and help them retrieve the rune artifacts of their ancestors. This is the central content of the entire game.

    In the league, you must strategically place a series of explosives and detonate them at the marked expedition locations. These explosions will unearth a large group of undead Kalgur, which must be killed to collect the buried equipment and artifacts.

    After bringing the goods home, you can hand over the cultural relics to Kalguuran merchants through bargaining and bartering. This is one of the ways of game trading. If you want to get POE currency safely and quickly, you can also go to and choose Buy Path of Exile Currency. You can also make logs leading to other adventure sites, and you can trade with other players.

    In addition to the new challenge league expansion pack. It also brought other surprises. The new expansion pack information also contains many new skill gems. For players who don’t know the content, you can get all the details from the patch notes. Fans of Path of Exile reported that the new expansion pack makes monsters more dangerous, and new enemy types such as creepers and ghouls have been added.