Clothes and Gear When Hiking Glowing Trails

  • When days become shorter in the fall or the heat becomes an issue in the summer; hikers may find their options for hiking their favorite trail limited. Finding time and energy to hike the trail you love can be a challenge. When you plan properly and follow some simple prep; glowing trails may be the perfect option to help ensure that you can get in your daily hike. One of the biggest considerations is what to take with you. Here is something to make sure you pack on your hiking trip.  



    Even when hiking a glowing trail it is not a bad idea to pack a headlight and some extra batteries. If you are hiking at night, you need a flashlight. This can enhance your visibility when needed. IF something is in the shadows, you can see it. Headlamps are good because they keep your hands free and are easy to turn on and off. One of the most important things is to remember to turn off the headlamp when you are conversing with other individuals. 



    You should bring a GPS with you if you are hiking at night as well. The GIPS can be an actual GPS, a GPS on your watch, or a GPS on your phone. This can help ensure that you can find your way back without having to try and figure out where you are on a map. Just in case your devices run out of charge, you may want to mark where you are on the map to assist in finding your way home.  


    Layered clothes

    You should also bring layers of clothing when hiking at night. It is important to remember that temperatures in numerous locations are colder at night. Bringing extra clothes or dressing in layers can help ensure that you have weather-appropriate gear. 


    Drinks and Snacks

    When hiking a lit trail at night you should also bring a drink and snacks. Having hot chocolate or soup can help keep you warm on a cold night. Eating snacks are also a great way to keep your body temperature warm. High energy foods are an excellent snack to pack for your hike and can even help you stay warm.



    Having the right type of shoes is critical when hiking. You want to make sure that you are wearing supportive boots. You are not always going to be able to see what is under your feet. If your boots have excellent support for your ankles they can help protect you if you fall and twist your ankle. Waterproof boots are also a must to keep your feet from getting wet.  



    You should also wear reflective clothing when hiking at night. Many jackets have reflective strips on them. If you have one put it on as you go hiking. This increases the chances someone can find you if an emergency occurs.