To begin go talk to the Wise Old Man


    The solutions. RuneScape gold has lots of options that could be utilized, heres what I could see. NOTE: Magic is not only a combat ability, but it still deserves to be a powerful force. It might start strong, but wow I got a steel long isn't that satisfying.

    The worst: Alter range and melee armour, reverse the triangle. This is a remedy, but an extremely hard and will get yelled at one, I am mentioning it for arguments sake. Obviously this would not be liked, doesn't make sense so I am ignoring this.

    New spells: This can be simple, either a new rune over blood dropped just by slayer monsters. Magics own abby whip or black bow. If this may hit 40s individuals would utilize it. Another one I thought would be nice is a spell that uses all 4 ancients at the same time. It would need balancing but could do the job. Subtly change ancients: This is easy, alter ancients a bit. This is a simple one to change the mages battle magical. The changes are easy, adding to ancients.

    Walkthrough: To begin go talk to the Wise Old Man, who resides in a house in Draynor. Talk to him about his explorations and he'll show you a special cape that only Elite Explorers can have. He will say to make the cape, you must do some particular needs; Retrieve a Ghast at a bottle from Mortyania. Slay a powerful demon. Locate and retrieve a southeasterly wind. Melt the artic snow. Mine from the core of this Gielenor. Traveling to an opposite measurement.

    He will state once you complete this quest, he'll reward you handsomly. Thus, you head out with this quest. The first on the list is to retrieve a Ghast. Talk to buy OSRS gold Drezel about shooting Ghasts. He'll say it is near impossible, but with the right spell and potion, you can catch you. He will say to combine a Fire Berry (a rare berry discovered in lava) plus a few Blemish Snail Slime in the Heroes' Quest. . Once you do so you'll have a Ghast at a Bottle. But be careful--if you do not get it to the Wise Old Man within 90 seconds, it is going to escape and take its' revenge on you!