Gameplay Changes In PSO2 New Genesis

  • PSO2 New Genesis is the sequel to Phantasy Star Online 2, which can also be said to be a brand new game. There is many brand new content in New Genesis, including brand new gameplay. Let's give you a detailed introduction.

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    The “Drop for rare items” pop-up window is far less distracting

    In PSO2, whenever rare items were dropped, hell has been unleashed on your screen with a variety of particle effects and right on your face. In PSO2 New Genesis, the rare item prompt logo is displayed at the top of the screen, much more polished and cleaner.

    Similar to any other MMO, there is a task tracking window in the top left of the screen.

    Ships and block rooms are still there.

    New Genesis offers a function similar to PSO2, in which ships and rooms are separated as different instances.

    Main and sub-classes share weapons.

    We will now be able to equip weapons from both classes instead of just our main class and use them accordingly. Skills are a different story, but we don't have enough information about them yet.

    Certain skill points accumulated in one main class can be used to improve another class.

    While it is not yet clear how this will work, there is evidence that your main class may be able to accumulate certain skill points that can be used to improve the rest of your classes. More information on this in the future.

    The classes have their skills right from the start.

    This means that the classes will start with their flagship skills, which were unlocked from the start. For example Hunter Physique for Hunters and so on.

    Force users can block attacks with a force shield.

    Self-explanatory. You can now use a specific shield to repel incoming attacks. Further details on this mechanic will not be shown, so we will have to wait and see if there are any additional elements in this action.

    Equip each weapon category with weapon camo.

    In PSO2, you could only equip one weapon camo at a time, which would affect any appropriate weapons you had equipped. Now you can have a weapon camo color for every type of weapon you use, which is a significant cosmetic change compared to PSO2.

    The weapon potentials have been optimized.

    The potentials for certain weapon series like the Atlas series will be changed and adjusted accordingly for New Genesis.

    Attachments and additions are easier to implement.

    Fitting any piece of equipment in PSO2 is a nightmare so they changed the process to make it more user-friendly. For more information, check out the game when it goes live.

    By storing characters, elements can be exchanged between PSO2 and New Genesis.

    By paying in or paying out items, the interaction between the two entries can take place. In addition, you can only access the respective storage in the capital.

    You look great and it is. Certainly, add some extra flair to the aesthetics of the game.

    Fauna everywhere.

    Many different non-aggressive animals make you feel like a much more alive and connected world. Please don't shoot the rabbit-like creatures, they are really cute.

    Seems like familiar enemies like Banshee are returning. With various models being updated, it's nice to see that they'll be in New Genesis.

    Multiple chests appear, often in places that require a lot of skillful traversals or a puzzle to solve.

    Players can collect materials to create specific food and drink recipes, including those that have yet to be revealed. The recipes offer certain buffs, so it's an extra note for players looking to get the most out of their stats.

    There are many new changes in PSO2 New Genesis. Many players may not be able to adapt to this game, so we should buy PSO2 Meseta, which can help us become powerful quickly.