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  • The narrative of the desert pantheon sound what I'd believe something called the template could do. He found beings like a fighter or crocodile and used them as literal templates, via the"Template", to create gods rs gold 2007. The production stories are inconsistent because none of them knew how the production worked, That is, they understand the foundation ingredient and the manufacturer then made the remaining details up. In fact there is just a great deal of contradictions in the Desert Pantheon history vs the world's real history.

    Like clearly something is here and while part of is to simulate the puzzles caused by contradicting histories. I can not help but think a larger truth is hidden amongst oddities and these contradictions. Is the heart of gielinor (or something there) not a viable contender for the template? In order to reevaluate the great revision From the desert supply of anima that's absorbed. The god made telos. I hate it to be authentic as it seems like it has been too long since it's launch but there's just so much material in the desert.

    The elder god artifacts exist to create planes and were eventually largely phased out, Gielinor's core does not appear to match that. Given it's nature it seems to just be a huge amount of anima so I would sooner guess that this is the"main course" if you will. The planet which will be feasted upon by the older god's children's anima that's the yok. However I really could believe in order to make its protector Telos they used the template.

    It simply appears the desert has a great deal of things BUT Tumeken that are god-like items based on things or gods. Puppies, Scarabs and Scabaras, Crocodiles and Crondis, Het and Monkeys, Apmeken and people, as you pointed out the center and Telos and the river, Amascut and cats, Icythlarin and elidnis is another potential one. Heck even Amascut proceeded and somehow generated 3 spirits using the stole sight, voice, and hearing of Apmeken.

    That reminds me there's another theme in which it feels like that the beings are linked and cause a feedback affect. All of the desert monkeys and the heart, Elidnis along with the river, telos lost one of their senses when Apmeken failed, when Crondis failed the crocodiles became covetous, and people started to have health when Het was lost. So this is my theory.

    The template is a classic artifact that can use a couple of creatures/things as blue prints to produce buy runescape 3 gold. The template will be for carrying the different elements and combining them to make something with the properties of those 36, where the mirror was for replicating things.