I discovered it ever since I started Runescape years ago

  • When you place the cash inside it becomes a Guild Coin. One Guild Coin is exactly the same as one normal Gold Piece RS Gold 2007. You may only use the currency for the guilds needs. That is why when you donate you can make sure that the owner won't invest the money on some thing else like food, armor or anything he can use for himself. All of your donated money will be unable to assist the guild.

    Pay/Buy Servant - For those who have enough Guild Coins you can pay your slave for his services or buy one from Ardounge. Buy stuff - You can purchase materials (nails, planks, gold leaves etc.) to your guild with the coins. But only from NPC stores. Guild Coins are untradable so that you can not trade them to any participant and you can't buy the stuff. For instance, Teak Plank ( c ). These substances with ( c ) after their name are untradable and can only be used in your guild. So you can not use them in your typical POH.

    You can get a Dead Tree seed from Wyson the Gardner at Falador for 500,000gp or from some other Revenant drop. You require level 35 Hunting to catch them and you can catch them in the Tree Gnome Stronghold swamp without any tools. If you don't possess the required Crafting level then deliver the stuff to Master Crafter from the crafting guild.He gives you the scroll of the omega. Go to the elemental workshop and there will be a new portals on the first floor, you may teleport to a place like thre essence mione just its a stadium. Go to the podium and apply the scroll.you lose all your runes. It will ditch the omega elemental (460) that a roguh sketch of it's this megaelemtanatmh9.png it's a volcano arm and torado arm, it ft cna make torandos and it ends up flooding capible water. Its made of black smoke. It will distrious dames.once defeated the space will become white and you need to touch the orb (follow the light) and you will teleport back to the plane summoner.

    At the center there is a giant rune with all the symbols on it. Nxt you need to craft the altar. Speak to boot up and he says it will reqire goldnot the bars but coins. After obtaining 10 mil golden he will direct you to a ginat cannon and will burst you into the plane summoner area together with the piecs of the altar. Ivan wll then say the stand for the altar is necessary. You'll need to visit sophaniem Buy RS3 Gold. Ivan will accompany you for this one. Talk to any citizen and they will tell you about a secret beneath temple under the telmple/ search for a trapdoor directly behind the altar.