I figure it should rain now and later in Runescape

  • So I had a wonderful time verbally attacking and crushing this man's dreams RS Gold. Does it not suffice to you to watch 99 FM'ers in untrimmed caps in the THOUSANDS? Most of them don't possess an Adze in any way, as a result they lack the other skills required to get one and most of them are at a low level (around 60-80) with smart alec attitudes.

    I've had at least 3 arguments with nubs that think they're better than me since I don't have my 99 cape around 24/7. I know I can't talk that I have 99 fletching, but I did fletching for money for a long time, along with doing wcing. I ended up at the 96-and-a-quarter mark and decided to add it as an option to reduce my already strong. 99 fm is a poor excuse to have an '99. I'm not proud of myself and don't ever wear my 99 fletch cape.

    Okay, so i was slaying in the kuradel Dungeon just five minutes ago and here I am slaying a few abyssals when i saw two people engaging in a very in-depth conversation. I normally would avoid them and go on with my assignment but a particular line caught my eye.

    "No No! Black people cannot afford to play the game!" You know i really couldnt resist laughing hysterically! My balls were hurting from laughing so hard that I couldn't stop. I normally avoid these small talk. I'm not a problem if they get into arguments, but today I was feeling very bad and decided to write an opening statement. which is completely real Buy OSRS Accounts. "I'M BLACK AND I PLAY RUNNESCAPE! SURPRISE! "SURPRISE!"