Madden NFL 21 player with the highest total score

  • For each annual release of Madden, one of the most exciting discoveries for fans is to find out which players have the highest total score of 99. Since Madden NFL 2001, this is the first game in the series to withdraw from the annual award. The extremely limited score is 99, and the total score is 100. According to actual performance, this shortlist always contains only one number, and there is an undisputed rule-changer in the NFL. The following are the players who used the most OVR in Madden NFL 21. MUT Coins allows you to easily obtain these players.

    Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams is one of the best passers in all football. He has the blitzkrieg X element ability, can completely eliminate the resistance of field blockers, and can knock back the opponent's attack line with one hand when activated. Another player with the highest OVR in Madden 21 is Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs. He is a six-time professional bowler and holds multiple records in tight positions. His physical fitness and excellent catch level make him a safe and reliable choice in any passing game, and he also has the Double Me X-Factor ability.

    The only one with the largest number of finalists is DeAndre Hopkinsof the Arizona Cardinals, a first-round pick in 2013 and a five-time professional pitcher. For a wide range of receivers, he has a very high level of body and strength, even if his Double Me X factor function is not activated, he can win the most game balls. Buy Madden 21 Coins allows you to gain star skills in the game.

    Davant Adams of the Green Bay Packers is one of the two wide receivers to receive the highest overall score in Madden 21. In addition, Aaron Rogers is always an aerial threat when activating his X-factor ability to ensure aggressiveness. Encountered a single coverage. No one will be surprised that the Kansas Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahoms was selected. His X-factor ability is a bazooka. When he is activated, his maximum passing distance increases by 15 yards. This allows him to find the finish area almost anywhere on the court.