The right way to find Summer shells and DIY recipes in Animal C

  • ACNH players know that summer shells belong to Animal Crossing New Horizons, a material that only appears in summer. The cherry blossoms that players had before were like seasonal items, like summer shells. Players can make exquisite crafts according to the DIY recipes attached to the summer shells. If they don’t want to spend time and effort to collect summer shells, they can also go to Nook’s Cranny store to buy these shells with many Animal Crossing Bells.

    When New Horizons is in summer, players can find a lot of blue summer shells washed up by the sea on the beaches of their islands. Players in the northern hemisphere can only collect these shells from June to August each year, and players in the southern hemisphere can only collect these shells from December to February each year. They can get many DIY recipes from summer shells. Business-minded players will sell their collected shells out of season to get Animal Crossing Nook miles Ticket. Those players who have not collected enough shells will eventually have to ACNH Buy Bells to buy shells to make crafts.

    The blue Summer shell and ordinary shells were washed randomly along the coast. Players pursuing many shells are better off visiting the coastline every two hours. Some players are not in a hurry to collect Summer shells can well use these three months to process the shells they have collected. When players lack ACNH Bells to do what they want to do, they can sell Summer Shell and DIY recipes they don’t want in Nook’s Cranny store for the Nook miles Ticket. The value of a Summer shell is 600 ACNH Bells. Many players who want to become rich will increase their wealth by selling Summer shells.

    Players only need to knock down the balloons floating on the island to get DIY recipes. The unpleasant news is that balloons with DIY recipes look exactly like ordinary balloons, so players must shoot down each balloon to know which balloons have DIY recipes. There are eight DIY recipes waiting for players to use. They can also occasionally go to the mysterious island to try their luck and may collect DIY recipes that others have dropped.

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