MUT Legends Group 14 added many new challenges

  • Almost ten days ago, EA took advantage of Madden 21 Ultimate Legends Group 14 to add to the game several Hall of Fame players who have left a strong mark in the history of NFL development. With the arrival of Moss, Woodson and Wilfork, they have added new content to the game. Madden 21 Ultimate Legends Group 14 has several new missions or challenges. Moss has one, Wilfork has one, and gamers must use their MUT team to defeat the legendary team. By defeating the Vikings, game players can get Moss Power Up card and Madden 21 Coins. By defeating the Raiders, game players can get Woodson’s Power Up and Coins.

    Players who are interested in challenging the higher level Ultimate Legends Showdown Challenge can also try it. In this case, the player must defeat the Ultimate Legends squad to obtain a special Ultimate Legends token. Collecting 15 of these tokens is the key to getting a free Professional Edition Ultimate Legends card. However, this event ended on the morning of May 22, which is a pity for players who have not yet tried these challenges.

    For those who want to get a new Moss, Woodson or Wilfork card, there are several ways. Currently, Wilfork only provides packaging for a limited time. He can also place bids or Buy Now actions at the auction house. We can get moss and Woodson through backpacks, auction houses or building exchange sets. Their set requires four out of 89 OVR cards, four out of 93 OVR cards, and one out of 97 OVR cards.

    All Madden Ultimate Legends have random skill version cards. These exchange sets require seven 83-84 OVR Legends players, five 85-86 OVR Legends players, and two 87-77 OVR Legends players. For players who want to get these players but restricted by economic conditions, the best solution is to seek help from GameMS and buy some Cheap MUT Coins there. I wish them to achieve their goals.