Madden 21 players have lost interest in the current franchise

  • As we all know, EA, under pressure from players and public opinion, launched three rounds of large-scale update activities for the Madden 21 franchise at the beginning of this year, from early January to March. It seems that this is the most promising. The Madden 21 developers have carefully studied the absurd and broken transaction logic under the franchise model for a long time. Although the last effect is obvious to all, it still seems to have failed to meet the needs of players. These last efforts to solve the game problem are still not enough to enable players to master the game for over six months, so they are not enough to regain Madden 21’s glory.

    Mainly because the current trade logic is no longer applicable to the current era. Over the years, players have been mocking the flawed trading logic in Madden’s NFL franchise model, and have come up with some absurd ways to deceive opposing coaches in exchange for high-scoring players, when in fact nothing gained. One of the core problems is that the team only evaluates players according to the way they fit the team’s specific plan, so high-rated players who cannot meet their actual needs may discard without real return.

    However, that this problem has finally been resolved does show certain enthusiasm when looking forward to the release of Madden 22, which may be the dawn of the end of the franchise model tunnel. In the past few years, the increasingly unfortunate fact is that developers are using revenue-based lenses instead of quality-based lenses. Although Madden Ultimate Team is definitely a feature that many players like, especially when the content is declining and facing new challenges, it also puts legendary in the first place, but it has a trap. The reason developers would rather focus on the ultimate team model like MUT 21 and their MUT Heroes Promo is that it motivates microtransactions and encourages players to spend more MUT 21 Coins to make more money for their team. Unless EA Sports can redefine its priorities and emphasize features such as the franchise model, the Madden series of games can never really move to a higher level.

    The change made in the latest franchise update is the addition of league history, which is an improvement in the quality of life players have been hoping for. Unfortunately, it is only valid during the current franchise model season and will not consider any past seasons. Any dedicated player who has established a legacy and history under the franchise model cannot use the past new league history features, but can only use it from the current season. So players can only pin their hopes to Madden 22, which will appear in August. Many players have already bought some Cheap Madden 21 Coins at GameMS in advance. Sympathetic approach!