Path of Exile added Clear Cache function

  • Grinding Gear Games recently added a small patch to Path of Exile. Although it does not significantly add some gameplay or mechanisms that make the game significantly change, it is very practical. In particular, it has an impressive effect on the improvement when players start the game. The developers also explained to the players the functionality of the Clear Cache patch and why it should add. For players, it may make them smoother when browsing items, and also have more motivation to collect POE Currency.

    Players all know that the Path of Exile client can make more efficient use of the system’s video memory, which means that assets will keep longer loading times. For systems with sufficient video memory, this will cause a significant reduction in assets loaded during the game. When players regularly clear the cache of Path of Exile, they can use this button as needed to try to solve problems that invalid files or too large cache may cause. Since this is a patch that does not restart, players need to restart the client after installing the patch.

    The Clear Cache button will clear several temporary storage locations used by Path of Exile for downloading images and graphics shaders. When the players clear the cached shaders, the performance of the client will temporarily decrease, and the client will regenerate the required shaders. Therefore, the developers recommend that players only use POE Orbs as a last resort when the Path of Exile client crashes or when troubleshooting other graphics issues, or when the cache size has become an issue.

    They are currently monitoring the results of this patch to resolve all lingering issues. If players encounter a Vulkan crash, please try using DX11 and see what happens to the API. Players who are really curious about this can also give it a try. To say something else, if players still want to continue to achieve outstanding achievements in Path of Exile and later Path of Exile 2, then buy more POE Currency is still a very practical method.