What surprises are there in Path of Exile Ultimatum?

  • Veteran players have been playing Path of Exile for many years know that the duration of each regular expansion is about three months. When an extension is released, the development team not only needs to do some routine maintenance work but also needs to make targeted patches to improve the game experience of players in the current extension and spend a lot of effort on the next extension. Only in this way can Path of Exile maintain its enduring vitality and innovation. This is the fundamental reason POE can attract so many players to join and buy lots of POE Currency to fight for it.

    Ultimatum, currently in progress, has become the main daily game content for players. In this extension, The Trials of Chaos are a new system in Ultimatum which lets the player take on greater challenges “in pursuit of power”. The enigmatic master of the Trials of Chaos, known only as POE Currency, appears to be some kind of remnant of the Vaal civilization. The Trials of Chaos become increasingly difficult as you traverse through encounter after encounter until eventually, the Trialmaster is satisfied with the challenger’s effort. Then, they offered a choice: take everything earned so far, or risk it all for greater glory in a harder challenge.

    Second, players also discovered that Ultimatum also has Roguelike Elements, so players must decide at the end of the trial. If players want to leave everything they have gained so far, they can simply leave the trial version. However, if they want to risk gains from something more powerful, they can review the Trials of Chaos. According to the game legend, the ancient civilization of Vaal exists because of the enormous risk of pursuing higher power. Therefore, it makes sense to leave the same ultimatum decision to the player in these encounters. If you want to continue to distribute rewards in the trial version, players must be cautious, because rewards will become extremely difficult in the future, and if they POE Currency Buy, they will lose everything.

    Besides the above things, Ultimatum also has many things that interest players. They have tasted it, and are still working towards a higher honor. Players can also buy POE Currency to speed up the realization of this goal. Good luck. Come on.