Path of Exile has set out to improve Video Memory Utilization B

  • I believe that in the recent game process, many players should have experienced significant changes. That’s because Path of Exile has recently improved the video memory, aiming to improve the game experience of the players, and try to maintain the frame rate of the players during the game as stable as possible. But this big change will not come so soon. Developer Grinding Gear Games revealed in a post that they initially planned it to be included in the next engine patch, which will release in June or July. Grinding Gear stated that they are still quite dissatisfied, especially in the current situation, so they may deploy POE Currency soon.

    When the VRAM occupancy rate is too large, the game will continue to run, but the frame rate will drop. When this happens, the graphics driver also moves assets between VRAM and chief memory, which can cause further slowdowns. Besides performance degradation, the game may also crash, crashing or falling frame rate is detrimental to the game. To be fair, the developers stated they added a system to ensure that VRAM usage kept to a minimum.

    Regardless, Grinding Gear continues to say that their engine team continues to work on better implementations to maximize VRAM. Although they cannot say what the actual changes or improvements will be, it should provide a better experience for many players. The game team also held fan art competitions before, where players and fans can create art based on anything introduced in the game. They limited this to drawing, painting or model creation and does not include video. The top three winners received many excellent prizes.

    Players now only need to wait patiently for the patch that the development team will announce soon. They should also seize this opportunity to Buy POE Currency and actively achieve greater achievements in various ways. Cheer up!