The new batch of Madden 21 Golden Ticket players mobilized thei

  • Following MUT’s GT Release 5, EA has released the sixth Madden 21 Golden Ticket players, including Carl Banks, Taysom Hill, Jimmy Smith and Brandon Aiyuk. Although players have a chance to get those Golden Ticket cards for free after opening the selected package, the probability is tiny, so most players still choose to spend the corresponding amount of Madden 21 Coins directly in the auction house to buy what they want.

    According to MUTHEAD data, the price of Younghoe Koo GT at the auction house exceeded 355,000 Madden Coins, and his Xbox One variety sold for 271,000 Coins. Ogden has slightly fewer cards at 205,000 (Xbox) and 191,000 (PS5). Atkins sells for approximately 340-400,000 coins, while Lamb sells for 527,000 coins or even higher. It is still possible for players to win one of the 16 Madden 21 Golden Ticket players. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get any of the above four players, or Bo Jackson, or Lawrence Taylor, and some MUT Coins. When players pass the M21 Fan Appreciation Challenge, they can still get 120 stars and get 99 OVR NAT Golden Ticket players for free.

    Players are now also looking forward to the potential arrival of the Madden Rookie Premiere program, which can accumulate RP cards for the upcoming 2021 rookies. There are usually 10 rookies in original positions for players to get in Madden 21 Ultimate Team. Once gained, these players will become members of the Madden 22 team. Speaking of Madden 22, they are also waiting for any announcements about the next generation of games.

    Everyone is curious and full of expectations for the new content that Madden 22 will show. Also, EA has announced that they will show the perfect franchise for players in Madden 22. After all, most people play Madden to experience it. In addition, there will be more interesting rookies joining the game, and they can also buy some Cheap MUT 21 Coins at GameMS in advance. Just wait patiently.