Will you make money through path of exile?

  • Nexus. gg announced today that it will cooperate with the Path of Exile of the manufacturer Grinding Gear Games to provide gamers with a personalized independent store. They will help open online shops to sell all kinds of equipment, and players can start item transactions through their gaming devices. Make money through the platform provided by the developer.

    Anchor and creators will plan customized store live on their site or YouTube, to add their favorite items and content through the Nexus platform. These stores will help Grinding Gear Games sell more things to more people, the creator will receive 8% of revenue. Players can also sell their props on the trading platform to make money and can buy POE Currency.

    This is like the site affiliate marketing, if the network can create recommend customers to buy products with specific links, they will get into sales. Nexus but there is a way to display live or shop on the page of YouTubers so that fans buy something related to the game immediately when you see the live broadcast at the time to use it.

    Nexus has established a portal to connect any game micro-transaction platform to content creators have planned and digital storefront that allows them to charge a certain percentage of each transaction through their stores. This allows fans to support their favorite online game content creators, and disseminate more exciting game content through their channels. Players can also go to the trusted trading platform POE Currency Buy, where it will be cheaper and faster.

    Nexus is the creator of the successful Chrono. gg game store behind the new platform. The platform also uses a similar business model, combined with content creators’ affect and influence communities, to further enhance the game, the creators, and publishers of visibility, subscribers, and sales. This is another form of leisure economy. We all can get paid to play games. Nexus makes it easier for more people to make a living by playing games.