New World Guide: How to make best use of weapon combinations

  • In New World MMO, you have two weapon slots and you ought to make use of both of them. Not only does this mean you'll get the most effective of both worlds by combining melee and ranged weapons, but you'll also make use of the talents and bonuses from each weapon's skill tree as you level them up.
    The hatchet could be a solid choice, due to its Berserk Mode, which increases your damage and New World Coins Buy movement speed and grants a passive healing effect. The second weapon you decide on will come right down to personal preference, but the suggestions below are good starting points.

    Hatchet and life staff
    This build will provide you with tonnes of survivability, so you do not must spend time healing between enemies. It combines the hatchet's Berserk Mode passive healing with the life staff's healing abilities, though this does not mean you will need to spend plenty of your time casting either. The Sacred Ground ability from the staff's healing skill tree will heal for a good amount of your time after being placed. it is also on a fairly short 20-second cooldown.

    Hatchet and bow
    If you would like to focus on getting through fights quickly, pairing the hatchet with a bow could be a solid choice. This build adds to hatchet's Berserk Mode speed increase with the bow's passive movement bonuses, like Archer's Speed within the Skirmisher skill tree. it is also worth noting that you will must craft arrows for the New World Coins bow before you'll use it.
    Having said that, the simplest levelling build is often visiting be what you enjoy playing. If you'd rather switch out the life staff for a spear, or the hatchet for a good axe, then select it. play with different weapon combinations and skills and see what works for you.
    There's no point sticking with a build if you are not enjoying it, and it'll only hamper your levelling speed within the long term if you have got to force yourself to play.

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