Bless Unleashed - Best tricks in farming Star Seeds

  • In Bless Unleashed, in order to deal with some powerful bosses, players often need to enhance their weapons and purchase some consumables that can quickly restore health. If the character dies unfortunately during the battle, the player can use the self-resurrection function. But these useful services require players to pay a premium currency called Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to use. Do you currently lack Star Seeds and want to earn more? Continue reading this article and you will learn about the most important money making techniques. You only need to spend some time to familiarize yourself with these methods, and do some farming work every day, you can gradually start to equip yourself with better new armors and weapons to face new challenges.

    Buy Star Seeds from Olvera
    This is currently the easiest way to obtain Star Seeds in the game, and it is also the main source for most players to obtain Star Seeds. As long as you visit Carzacor’s Plaza and talk to Olvera every day, you can have a chance to buy Star Seeds with Gold. You can get a steady stream of Star Seeds in this way. As your character level increases, the number of Star Seeds you can buy will gradually increase-you can buy 1000 Star Seeds with 1500 Gold at level 5, and when you reach level 26, the number of Star Seeds you can buy will increase. Will reach the highest of 11,000. Although you need to pay 56500 Gold for this, the efficiency of your conversion to Star Seeds has actually increased. Because Gold is very easy to obtain at high levels, you can easily obtain hundreds of thousands of Gold every day.

    Activate Star Seeds Boosters
    If you have sufficient financial support, I highly recommend that you activate the two Star Seeds Boosters in the game at the same time, they will greatly improve your efficiency in obtaining Star Seeds. First, you need to recharge in the game to get a paid currency called Lumena, and then directly purchase Star Seed Boosters at the Lumena Shop.
    Basic Star Seed Booster: Costs about 800 Lumena, provides a 20% boost for 30 days
    Advanced Star Seed booster: Costs about 1500 Lumena, provides a 40% boost for 30 days
    Simply put, if you reach level 26 and activate these two boosters, you can buy 17600 Star Seeds from Olvera every day. Although this requires you to pay approximately US$23 per month, it is worth considering the efficiency gains in obtaining Star Seeds.

    Harvest and sell Lumios Roots
    If you want to use the Lumios Roots node in the game to earn Star Seeds, you'd better join the Artisan society first. To do this, you need to complete a quest called "An Ippin in Need". When completing the quest, you will get to know the NPCs of various factions. When you talk to Sperios, you will get the opportunity to join the faction.
    The most important role of Artisan society is to give you a chance to Buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds obtain extra items when harvesting Lumios Roots. You can harvest more Lumios Roots through the talent provided by the faction called Improved Harvesting. With the help of this talent, you have a 5% chance of getting 1 extra item and a 1% chance of getting two extra items. It is recommended that you wear an armor with a gathering and mining speed buff to save more time.
    There will be some fluctuations in the market price of Lumios Roots. Generally, you can get 7500 Star Seeds for every 50 Lumios Roots sold.

    The above are the main ways to get Bless Unleashed Star Seeds. Hope these tricks can make your adventure easier. If you feel too tired to farm Star Seeds by yourself, you can also buy cheap and safe Star Seeds directly at MMOWTS. This can help you save time and money at the same time. It is the most economical method and the common choice of most players.