Why A Concrete Mixer And Pump Machine Is A Great Investment

  • A concrete mixer and pumping machine is among the handiest tools to get within a construction site. It has the capacity to load materials, mix concrete and pump it on the place that it is required. Basically, it integrates the functions in the traditional concrete mixer and concrete pump under one machine.

    This equipment has excellent mixing capacity which means it can produce high-quality concrete. High-pressure pumping allows it to pump the concrete produced over long distances. Based on the model, a concrete mixer pump carries a production capacity between 20m3/h-60m3/h. The concrete mixer pump is additionally capable to convey concrete horizontally upto 600 meters and 150 meters vertically. These specifications are able to meet the requirements of small and medium types of constructions.

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    A concrete mixer pump guarantees you continuous and stable performance over the course of any project. There are many advantages of investing in a concrete mixer pump which transform it into a smart investment. From the following section, we are going to have a look at the perks of investing in one.


    A concrete mixer will help your business spend less on costs in more ways than one. First and foremost, the fact that it perfectly combines concrete mixing and concrete pumping ensures that you reduce the expenses of buying different groups of equipment. Transporting is also easy and cheaper since the equipment features a compact design. It will be easy to save on fuel costs. The quantity of trucks or trips required to transport your construction equipment may also be reduced.

    A concrete mixer pump likewise helps you save money on significant labor costs. This machine has a advanced level of automation and because it is able to mix concrete and in addition pump it, you can expect to experience huge cuts on labor costs. This too helps to increase productivity during construction as the available labor will be forwarded to other crucial sides from the project. Which means that progression to another stages of construction will probably be faster.

    Substitutes Concrete Batching Plant

    In case you are managing a small construction project, then a concrete mixer pump will save you the hassle and expense of getting a concrete batching plant. The mixer pump acts as a mini concrete batching plant. Having a concrete mixer pump, you can actually produce your own quality concrete.

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    Reliable And Stable Performance

    The same as the larger concrete pumps, a concrete mixer pumping machine offers stable performance. It utilizes a hydraulic pumping system which ensures that the concrete mixer pump features a extremely low failure rate whenever it really is functioning.

    Saves On Space

    The concrete mixer pump features a compact design. Which means that it possesses a small size and lightweight. Additionally, as it combines the functions of concrete mixing and pumping, it cuts down on the number of equipment required with the construction site which also helps to bring down space. A concrete mixer pump is the best option if your construction site is narrow or carries a small space.