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Its also only that, OSRS is a exceptional sandbox game where you do lots of.standing around. Aka bank status abilities, etc.. This makes it much easier to converse with other people and subsequently find someone prepared. Thats got nothing to do with the community not being poisonous. I grew up playing with games in a age where they were fresh and fresh, and not as available as they're now. RS has always had a facet of the community because Runescape came out in 2001. It might not be the worst on the market, yet to say there isnt any or even just a small amount is sadly wrong. I Believe this would be the look that is best if OSRS images were upgraded Frankly, I think this are the appearance that is very best if OSRS images were upgraded. No fancy 1st person stuff or OSRS HD/Remaster. I believe that this is the perfect appearance that does not stray to far from the classic appearance. Need something like that and no clue why the HD toggle is not avail from 2020. I actually like OSRS how it's now. Yea I think that the choice to choose is the best method to start it, although I really don't have a problem with this, ya know? So you believe the dev time is better spent on this than on material updates or match improvements? And then reducing the number of upgrades that are future due to the OSRS team wanting to create the assets for everything they do? Welcome to our website thanks https://www.rsorder.com/