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  • CCosgames CCosgames Cosplay is an open expression of fandom appreciation. It's a manner to expose someone 'this is what I love,' 'this is what I am captivated with' without using a single phrase. It's an open-ended art shape and nearly a touch club that bonds with others through private expression.
    Jun 23

  • heattreatmentlist Application and working mode of annealing furnace Annealing furnace series industrial furnace is widely used in casting, metallurgy, automobile, aerospace, military industry, shipbuilding, light industry, electric power and other industries. It can be used for different annealing heat treatment processes of various metal workpieces such as high chromium, high manganese steel castings, gray iron castings, rolls, bearings, steel balls, wear-resistant liners, etc. The annealing furnace is made of square or round furnace body structure. The furnace is installed with refractory brick and aluminum silicate fiber composite insulation, or with full fiber insulation lining structure. The workpieces are placed in the furnace and heated by electric heating, or fuel oil or gas In the hot furnace, the workpiece is heated to the required annealing temperature in natural or protective atmosphere. After holding for a period of time, the workpiece is cooled naturally or at controlled speed. Due to the wide variety of annealing furnace series, the operation mode is different. The trolley type annealing furnace has an independent loading trolley, which makes the operation of loading and unloading easier, and can load large and heavy-duty workpieces. The well type annealing furnace is suitable for vertical loading of shaft, rod, pipe fittings and other workpieces, and the annealing heating is not easy to deform. vacuum furnace Vacuum furnace manufacturer Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace
    Mar 10