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Yeah even though I haven't played OSRS recently (past 6ish weeks ) I only had something happen IRL which made me think of the advantages that came from my OSRS addiction haha:-RRB- thank you for the comment! This has been. "if I just do dragon slayer 2 I can farm vorkath and get rich" I unlock vorkath and get tired of her after a week. "well if I just had elite emptiness I bet this would be far better" so I grind elite emptiness and realize that with my stats the dhide was better lmao. That's how I felt when I ended 99 fishing at crabs. Pkers and was AFK kept it fascinating. Runescape's skill goals don't have much. Reward. You get to 99 and that is it. You can do a more thing that is cool but it's often barely game-changing. I maxed and stopped playing. Unlocking a boss or achieving a item is much more rewarding. This game is all about the journey not the endgoal. Individuals who snore as fast as they can to get to end game wind up burning out quicker. Thought it would be interesting to highlight this to OSRS players I switched to RS3. As soon as I made my post on what I must do for use to combat and other new things in Runescape that I wouldn't really know about I got a good amount of support along with a whole lot of advice. I had 5 people send me a message to add them into Runescape game. Each of them gave some fantastic advice to me. My experience with all the community that is RS3 has been great. It feels like theirs a few elitism or some thing with the higher tier of players. I'm thinking about going to it so I could do a number of this quest series that aren't full in OSRS. Checked your post history unless it had been the player cc one that was new, and did not see you. It's the new player cc one. I had several people message me their RSN/CC and they gave me the guidance while we were enjoying. I am able to give you a hand in the event that you want, however. I will do what I could, although I really don't play a lot I have a 10 mo old and as I am beginning a new job. Gz on the new things happening in your life! Hopefully it is also a wholesome happy kiddo plus a job that you'll enjoy. I won't be doing for a while tinkering around once in a while once I get bored of oldschool. I had absolutely no idea where to start and I tried going on it a few weeks ago, both games are nothing alike today. I'll dive in and actually figure it out. If you want to know more about OSRS Gold, you can visit Our website https://www.rsorder.com/