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The video begins with a discussion of the changes the franchise staff system is expected to bring. It claims that it will allow players the ability to oversee everything from the front office to field. It will let them hire new staff and develop them, with employees having access to the latest talent tree that could be utilized to improve their team's skills and better adapt their players to an exact style of play. There will be three types of staff members that can be hired that include coordinators, head coaches, and players. Managers have the option of upgrading their staff by collecting "staff points" which are earned by achieving weekly goals. This can be accessed through a new franchise hub, which comes with plenty of updates to improve the quality of life and add-ons. EA states that a brand new Scouting mode will be available to the game in September as post-launch content. EA claims the enhanced system will let players find talent that isn't available through regional and national Scouts. Prospects will be able to make their way up or down the ladder of drafts based on their achievements throughout the season. There's also the weekly strategy feature, which EA calls the "core" of the Madden NFL 22 Franchise Mode. It appears that the system will enable players to look up data and make informed choices regarding how to lead their team, and give them an opportunity to study the strengths of their opponents, monitor fatigue levels, analyze the performance of their team, and much more. In the final phase, EA details the enhanced season engine, which was shown briefly in Madden NFL 22's most recent trailer. The upgraded season engine will provide 50 scenarios that mimic real NFL managers facing difficult decisions. Sharing an example, the firm revealed an instance where a manager is faced with the challenges of a young wide receiver. They could turn these challenges into stars on the rise, adding another player to their roster if they are adept at overcoming them. Madden 22's improvements to franchise mode are a great start. There are three ways you can make it more enjoyable Information on Madden 22 continues to roll out. EA released a detailed video detailing the changes made to Madden 22's franchise mode one week after the launch and the trailer that was released. The game's developers deserve to be acknowledged for offering improvements to the game, following complaints from fans about the franchise moden't being included in last year’s game. Based on the video of five minutes EA dropped on Tuesday, that promise has been fulfilled, with the mode getting an entire overhaul... If you want to know more about Madden 22 coins, you can visit mmoexp.com https://www.mmoexp.com/Nfl-22/Coins.html