Wuyahong Wuyahong's Album: Green Dragons, armoured Zombies and Chao

Green Dragons, armoured Zombies and Chaos Ele should all be maintained the same. The most effective place to train should be a bit dangerous. While the Corporeal Beast is interesting I believe it would be interesting to have barrage runners go into the cave. However the boss mechanic of the Corporeal beast in RS is unique. Due to the high risk nature of it, you'll need to bank a few times. If the entrance were moved nearer the border of the wildy it could be more appealing since it's currently past level 20, the tele cut off point. Summoning also presents a challenge and I'd much rather have to have a unique set of game rules and lending could be easily resolved by not allowing lent weapons in the wild, summoning combat level will need to change. It would be great to be able to drop everything at will, just like in other areas of RS. The restriction of pouches in such a way feels strange in pvp realms. It's a problem that I'm not sure what to do about it. The best option is to simply declare "pouch In Create, Combat Rises" The last and most important point is that you can't pvp wilderness realms. Never. There was one thing missing from PVP/BH worlds: the excitement of the wilderness. This was the most effective handling of it I've ever witnessed in any game. Pvp meeting pve players. The wildy had limited resources, including treasure trails, dragons and rune. This gave non-pvpers the option to take the risk of stepping into potential pvp areas to earn rewards. It wasn't mandatory. As I stated earlier, everyone should have access the quests. However, making certain areas safer isn't the point. It's the most important thing. If there's a safe area to avoid attacks, that defeats all the purpose. No runecrafter with use dangerous abyss since there's a safe one to use one just a hop away. Armoured zombie-goers can simply hop over to a safe world once they have left the wild. Actually, this could be done for any kind of world. This is a plea. Don't promote the idea of safe zones or half-assed wilderness. That would defeat the point and ruin the enjoyment of wildy. If you want to know more information about OSRS Gold , please lock on RSorder.com https://www.rsorder.com/