Effective ways to catch Golden Dorado in ACNH

  • Players deserve to pay an outrageous price to capture the rare and valuable Golden Dorado. Summer in the game and in actual life come late. The ACNH team added some new fry and bugs to the game for players to catch. Players just have to catch a fish named Golden Dorado and sell it to have countless ACNH Bells.

    Golden Dorado stays in the game from June to September. Timmy and Tommy will accept the Golden Dorado sold by players with 15000 Animal Crossing Bells. CJ will receive fish sold by players at a higher price of 22000 Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells. The difficulty is that players can hardly catch Golden Dorado. ACNH players can refer to the following methods to catch Golden Dorado. Players only need to catch a Golden Dorado to avoid to Buy Animal Crossing Bells for a long time.

    Players know that Golden Dorado appears in the southern and northern hemispheres from December to March each year and from June to September each year. However, it only appears during the day and forces players to spend an entire day to find it. Golden Dorado will appear in the rivers on the islands where players are located or on the desert islands. They will stick out their heads like crocodiles to breathe air.

    Players can only try their luck to catch Golden Dorado. Some methods can increase the chance of catching it. When there is sunlight, players concentrate on searching for huge black shadows that appear in the water. They had better make some delicious bait to seduce Golden Dorado. The fish will spawn where the bait is dropped. Players can wait for the rabbit to catch more Golden Dorado in one fell swoop. Another thing is that when the players are fishing, they should scrutinize the vibration frequency of the rod. Maybe Dorado is hooked.

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