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  • Buffalo Horn Button supplier and manufacturer in China

    We are Fouji Handicrafts and Poultry Farm. A Professional supplier and manufacturer all kind of real horn products and Buffalo Horn Button. Unique buttons which can decorate and add luxury to your clothes. At the same time they are very practical and durable. This is a family owned business which pr...
  • Unique Viking Drinking Horn Seller in Sweden

    Buy this beautiful, high-quality Vikings drinking horn manufactured and supplied by Fauji Handicrafts and Poultry Farms. The horn is made of 100% authentic products and does not contain any toxic materials. Raise a toast with this special Vikings horn while enjoying your alcoholic beverages on a spe...
  • Genuine Drinking Horn Mug in Sweden, China or Japan

    Buy our handcrafted drinking horn are made with top quality horn with a thoroughly coated interior that is 100% Food Safe. Handcrafted horn makes the perfect and unique gifting opportunity for everyone who likes to drink beer. Visit:
  • Buy Buffalo Dog Chew - Fouji Handicrafts

    Buy buffalo dog chew, 100% natural chews entice dogs with a high-protein alternative to treats. Fully digestible and good for your pet. Promote cleaning your dog's teeth and gums. Low Prices, Huge Selection, Shop Now! Visit: Call: + 91-9311090311
  • Drinking Horn with Stand in Japan

    The drinking horn with Fouji Handicrafts & Poultry Farms' stand is one of the business's best-selling items. The mug has the capacity of 400 ml of liquid in it and comes along with a stand to hold it. Buy the drinking horn with stand from us, one of the authentic horn and bone products sellers ...
  • Drinking Horn with Stand - Fouji Handicrafts and Poultry Farm

    If you are looking to Buy Drinking Horn with Stand? Look no further! Here is your search ends with Fouji Handicrafts and Poultry Farm. We are 100% Real Horn Imported. We are having immense experience of over 35 years of delivering Horn items and a wide range of handicrafts items. Read more:&nb...
  • Premium Horn Button manufacturers and suppliers in Italy & Chin

    Fouji Handicrafts & Poultry Farms manufactures and supplies unique horn buttons of various sizes, colors, and shapes. All these buttons are of high quality and are widely appreciated by clients' requirements in Italy and China. As one of the premium buffalo horn and bone manufacturers and suppliers,...
  • Buy Drinking Mug with Resin Bottom in Sweden, Europe, and UK

    Fouji Handicrafts & Poultry Farms manufactures and supplies high-quality buffalo horn drinking mug made of resin bottom. The mug can be used to drink any liquid during special occasions and has received a high appreciation from our clients till date. Being one of the renowned buffalo horn and b...
  • Buffalo horn and bone products (Ox Horn tips)

    Fouji Handicrafts & Poultry Farms offers exclusive Ox horn products of high quality to both wholesalers and retailers. With our main operational areas being UK, USA, Italy, and China, we also have got clients worldwide. We have different varieties of Ox horn tips of different sizes and col...
  • Viking Horn in Sweden, Europe, UK, China, and Italy

    Fouji Handicrafts & Poultry Farms supplies high-grade Viking horns of various sizes and colors. Owing to our vast client base in the Europe, Sweden, USA, UK, China, and Italy, we prioritize quality over anything. As one of the top Viking horn manufacturers and suppliers, we ensure that all our Vikin...
  • Myths about the Vikings Culture

    These are a few myths that many of the Vikings facts believe. If you love to use Vikings products such as Vikings horns, buffalo horns, drinking horns, you must for sure know the Facts and Myths of Vikings culture. Read more:
  • Best Drinking Horn Mug

    We were and are one of the prominent suppliers of Drinking Horn Mug for the past few years. We sell various products like Drinking Horn Mug, Viking Horn Mug and Ox horn Mug etc. that can be used in various house parties, functions, and special occasions. Visit:
  • Buffalo Horn Button Blanks in UK, USA, Italy, and China

    We are Leading Manufacturer of buffalo horn button blanks. Our main operational areas include the UK, USA, Italy, and China. Fouji Handicrafts' premium buffalo horn one-button blanks come in different colors and sizes. We have Blank Stock in Large Quantity. Visit:
  • What are the favorite products of Vikings?

    Many popular Vikings products like the Viking drinking mugs, drinking horns, drinking horn mugs, jewelry, and many more vintage items replicated their tradition, culture, and craftsmanship. Our main operational areas include the UK, USA, Italy, and China. Visit our website for detailed info on buffa...
  • Buy Famous Viking Drinking Horn Online

    We at Fauji Handicrafts & Poultry Farms manufacturer and supply many famous Vikings products across the globe. We aim to introduce the ancient Viking culture to modern society.  Visit: Call: 9999618292